Enso Pearl: The Only Timer Actually Worth Buying

A smartphone makes a lot of little gadgets obsolete. However, even if you're attached at the thumbs to your iPhone, you might still find yourself coveting the Enso Pearl, the mother of all timers.

Capable of timing 30 different activities concurrently, it'll cost you a hundred bucks on Amazon. But that's worth it, especially if you're a multitasker with very strict schedules. Featuring an LCD face, the Enso lets you set up interval timing in case you have a lot of consecutive deadlines to meet. It also lets you repeat the same timer on several occasions and includes a stopwatch and alarm function.

Say for some reason you're baking a pie and meditating at the same time. If the pie finishes baking before you're done meditating, the Enso wouldn't interrupt your zen. It boasts a several different peaceful chimes to choose from to signifying that the clock has run out, such as Japanese Tibetan singing bowls. Finally, the perfect gadget for the pie baking yogis everywhere. [redferret]

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