Eight Lightning Bolts Striking San Francisco At The Same Time

A hellacious storm rocked San Francisco last night which meant howlin' winds, pourin' rain, boomin' thunder and an ungodly amount of strikin' lightning. In this picture, we see all four towers of San Francisco's Bay Bridge being struck with lightning... at the same time. Mother Nature, you are a scary mama.

The picture was taken by photographer Phil McGrew who rigged his camera to a take long exposure shots (about 20 seconds). McGrew was well hidden inside his apartment and said he couldn't even see much through his window. Amazing he managed to snag this. [Daily Mail]


    Casey Chan, when did you stop trying to think about what you write?

    1. Since when has 20 seconds meant "at the same time"? Misleading at best, lying at worst.

    2. There are clearly 9 bolts hitting the bridge, not 8.

      Gawker websites don't fact check. Take everything they write with a grain of salt.

    Is that even the San Francisco bridge? it appears to have 2 to many towers. Dam Dailymail.co.uk not checking before publishing.

      It's the Bay Bridge.


    It's ok... Star fleet command would have nurilised it straight away... ;)

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