Does This Sleek Aluminum Capsule Tobacco Pipe Make Smoking Look Cool?

Smoking is awful — it stinks, it screws up your lungs and it litters the streets of any city. This tobacco pipe, Armilon Capsule, doesn't help with the first two issues but does solve the trash problem and plus, it looks freaking sweet.

The Armilon Capsule isn't your grandpa's tobacco pipe though. It looks more like a gigantic silver bullet (or pill capsule) that has hidden tricks than an ordinary tobacco pipe. The way the Armlon Capsule works is that it uses a slide action interlocking mechanism to transform the capsule into something smokeable. As you'll see in the video, you pull down the bottom and open the top of the capsule to reveal the super slick pipe. Pop everything back into place and it's the perfect pipe when you're on the go. Smoking has never looked so good. $US70 [WickiePipe]

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