Do Sports Events Prompt You To Buy A New TV? [Poll]

Do Sports Events Prompt You To Buy A New TV? [Poll]

At yesterday’s Panasonic home entertainment launch, a lot of noise was made about the fact that it’s an Olympics year, and that many Australians will upgrade their TVs to take advantage of the two week festival of sports. How true is that?

Necessary disclaimer: I’m not personally a big sports watcher. Many of you have worked that out by now.

It’s a long repeated idea that significant sports events are a prominent driver of home entertainment product sales — I’ve seen some much older sales figures that suggest it may once have been true — but how true is it in 2012?

The shift to flat panels is all but complete, most sales are for full HD panels and there’s no definite sign of actual 3D broadcasts for the Olympics. But, as noted, I’m not a big sports watcher; I’ve only ever replaced my TV when the previous one has died. What’s your view?

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(Bacon included for those who just feel they have to vote, for whatever reason)