Distracted Girl On Mobile Phone Plunges Into Sinkhole

1 We've seen people take some serious spills because they're all walking and talking or texting and not paying attention, but what happens to this poor girl is just horrible. That had to hurt.

A teenage girl was walking down the street gabbing away on her phone, and she's walking fast because she's crazy enraptured in her conversation. She's so caught up in the call, in fact, that she doesn't notice the caution blocks on the street warning her that she's about to get gobbled up by a sink hole. It's so terrible to watch her plunge 6m straight through the hollow ground, but you just can't look away. Luckily for the girl, a passing cab driver saw her fall. The girl was rescued, and according to the report, everyone's OK. Phew!

People! Mobile phones are very convenient because you can have conversations anywhere, but please be careful. You don't want this to happen to you. [Today]

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