Dick Smith Sale Kicks Off: Site Melts Down While The Queues Build

That Dick Smith games sale that either was or wasn't happening today -- depending on which arm of Dick Smith you spoke to -- is most definitely happening, although you'll have to be very lucky to catch a bargain.

At 8:15am this morning, this was the queue outside the George Street Sydney Dick Smith Electronics store. At the same time, Dick Smith's web site was in total meltdown -- and it's still up and down randomly as I type this -- with only its mobile web site working.

It only occurred to me after walking away that I probably should have alerted the folks waiting for what would be another 45 minutes that stocks were already pretty depleted online in that very store.

It's also worth noting that if you do get through on the mobile site, it'll tell you to call your relevant store. I just gave that a try -- and was told it was policy that you'd have to be in store anyway.


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    it was a total scam, nothing online available, nothing at any local stores in Melbourne, totally BS!

      No such thing as a scam with a clearance Sale. Limited stock, first in best dressed, tough.

      I was in line for an hour, got in as soon as the doors opened and the staff had bought everything of value! The worst part of it was they had the audacity to walk out through the crowd before opening time with their huge piles of stuff, then we went in to nothing.

    brisbane: it's staff priority. they released the sale to staff first... called up a few stores this morning (elizabeth st, etc) and they confirmd.
    proved to be right when i rang up the cannon hill store this morning (was informed that they had 2 xbox's in store) and had the following conversation:
    me: have you got any xbox's in store?
    sales guy; umm...nah
    me: really? the elizabeth store guys said you had 2?
    sales guy: ummm.yea... but they're not in saleable condition?
    sales guy:...

      like I SAID... S C A M !

        You keep using that word..... i don't think it means what you think it means.

          well the media says scam! it was a total bait scam... http://www.news.com.au/technology/gaming/dicked-off-customers-furious-at-dick-smiths-7m-game-sale-scam/story-e6frfrt9-1226316539362

            Yeah, Murdoch's press has NEVER been sensationalist. Well, while you were barking on here, I queued up in line at my own store and purchased several items in the mad rush this morning. It was no scam. You're just a pathetic whinger who wants consoles for nothing.

              Wants consoles for nothing? I think we all just wanted a chance to buy what was advertised.

              This couldn't have been organised any worse.

              As for Murdoch? I'm looking forward to tomorrow articles: "DSE Employee labels customers as pathetic whingers. "

        I don't ever remember Dick Smith advertising the sale, so how could it be a scam?

        Dick Smith are clearing out old stock, and gave staff the first opportunity to pick up a deal.
        I doubt it was Dick Smith's intent for the details of the sale to be released to the public.

          If they only wanted their staff to have all the valued items, then maybe they shouldn't have advertised on social networks and news sites.

          It is a scam. At least have the audacity to hide shit that your staff is smuggling out of the store on the cheap

            a leaked document doesn't count as advertising

      Check if they're still in stock tomorrow then. Half of my colleagies don't know handle xbox return authorisations.

        nearly agreed...
        though the fact is that the sale diiidd leak! even the prices were released. what did management do? quote: "yes, there is a sale."

        they could've mentioned that it was basically just an internal thing. but they went for the money maker... pretty cheap if you ask me. pretty sure they should've make a statement.

        look at the lines outside the stores and tell me i'm wrong dude!?!

          oops, that was for DLB_84! my bad!

      I got the same response at the Cannon Hill store this morning after speaking to one of the staff. If they were going to let staff have first dibs, they shouldn't have confirmed the leak, or at least informed that this was going to be standard practice.

      With the quantities the staff are buying I think they will be doing to for profit, not to enjoy themselves.

    The sale is gibbed.
    So things are on sale, but some things are normal price.
    The strathpine store in QLD opened at 8am -
    DSi went first,
    then the playstations, but the XBL cards are normal price, MSP cards are normal price.
    A lot of the stock has been changed back to normal price Because of the leak.

      Just out of curiosity, how many people were there at the Strathpine store? I was originally going to head down there, but didn't bother when I heard the stories of huge crowds lining up outside other Dick Smith stores.

        Max - I was 4th in line at 8am when they opened the doors.

          Did you get anything good?

          8 am is impressive. Toombul opened at 9.

          The people having a panic attack and saying stuff like "The 12mth cards and 3000 points weren't even on sale!" need to relax. Only a very small portion of these items were part of the sale, they are in completely different packaging and are obviously different to the ones they now sell on a regular basis.

          One guy at toombul grabbed 10 of the new 12mth cards...that's $800 right there...

    Why the hell did they confirm this sale on Facebook? What an idiotic thing to do. That website really just ruins everything. It spiralled out of control because people kept sharing it. There are some things best kept secret or revealed in a more private arena...

    "XBL cards are normal price"

    The sale was on the 'old' style cards. Not the new ones.

    The whole thing is a publicity stunt to try and get people into the store. My local dick smith has nothing on special. And the on line store has nothing. It's just a con.

      Same here; my local DSE had no sale visible. But I was being given the head's up by people online excited about this fantastic sale DSE was supposedly having. In the least DSE encouraged and took advantage of misguided hype around a sale; their likely intention was to get ppl in store and have them pay full or normal price for stuff. Of course it was a SCAM, a confidence trick, a con; capitalism is a system of the rich few scamming the rest.

    Has anyone been successful with getting anything cheap? Sounds like the HP touchpad scenario all over again. Although in that case some of the suburban HN stores were stocked up.

      I did. I'm a Dick Smith staff member. I queued up with everyone else. I was second person there (aside from my manager who was there well before 7am) and got in there in the initial barge. I bought 4 items and got away unscathed. Western Australian staff were discouraged from taking advantage of their position, although I cannot speak necessarily for other states, I think this is a shitstorm in a teacup of people who feel entitled to cheap shit.

      I got tintin kinect and rage for PC off website for $15 each. went in store at lunchtime and got a pair of logitech speakers for $20. I'm happy.

    Dick are being Dicks. Sign on local store (in comic sans no less!):

    "Dear Customers,

    As you may know, we are having a huge gaming sale starting from 2/4/12.

    However due to the internet leak, our business will not drop 80% of what was listed until
    April 10th.

    Thankyou (sic)"

    This is how a company turns good publicity to bad in one fell swoop. No one is buying anything today if it's not on special, and all are shitty - staff & customers.

    Nup - Tried to purchase Forza 4 which was on the list for 30, and it still was selling for 60

      Which one? Two pop up on the site search, one's on special, one isn't.

    Just so everyone here is aware. CLEARANCE SALE means old, discontinued, damaged and returned stock. Not current line stuff. You won't be getting discounts on current-generation consoles or recently-released games. It's clearing out old stock. That means a lot of stuff is not going to be available. It's first come first serve, and while there are definitely gems to be found, there's no use whingeing if something is ex-repair or sold out.

    I was first in store and they announced that they didn't have any consoles. I checked the stock online and even saw them putting dsi boxes out the back. Pretty crap Dick Smith.

    Dammit, no point in dropping by during my lunch break, I guess -__-

    George St was a joke! about 300 people in line when i got there and there was probably a handful of anything anyone wanted

    I just wanted a cheap DSi for my gf, but I guess that isn't gonna happen :(

    Its a clearance sale, stock wont be on every store. its not a scam. I picked up 2 4gb xbox 360s for $100 each.

      Yes mitch, it is: they leaked it, and their approach is inconsistent across stores. You were lucky because you found a store that honoured their initial intent. Most aren't so lucky. Dick Smith forgets that the internet is a pretty big place with a very long memory. Their bait and switch tactics won't be forgotten.

    Customer: where are your consoles?
    employee: out of stock mate
    me: you mean, staff bought it all
    Customer: is that right?
    customer: Screw you!....*walks away*

      You're an ass for putting a sales assistant in that position. Scum.

        No, they put themselves in that position. They could at least be upfront about it.

          I don't think the sales assistant leaked the document. He just had to put up with people's shit reaction to it all day.

            i was telling everyone that called my store that i'd purchased the last 2 DSis for myself xD
            they all seemed to understand :P

          No, we can't control if an item is a YLOD/RROD job, unless it's booked/gone, then it's still active on the system and will display as much online. Considering RROD is caused by heat and often we have live consoles on display on everyday, THIS HAPPENS. Being rude and short with staff is NOT HELPFUL. This can happen more than once in any given store AND also as a result of customers forcing us to make the difficult decision (or being conned) into taking a console back. There is no reason to treat ANY PERSON LIKE THIS.

            Woops, looks like someone's new to the world of Retail. That's ok buddy - you'll catch up with reality soon enough.

    Why are people saying the 10th or 12th for the proper sale that was listed in the leaked sheets ?

    stock IS'NT going to be in every store, and i thought "the internet" confirmed that last week when people actually went over the list.
    it's niave to think that everyone was going to get the good stuff, and the stuff that was so cheap, would most likely be returned, or store use and really old!

    Saw a dick smith employee take an entire rack of xbox live cards (around ten) and go out the back with them after they opened.

      How dare staff members try and take advantage of the same deal the public gets! They should be happy with their 5% discount and the privilege of listening to customers telling them how crap they are.

        Sorta agree with this RDVRK, everyone is complaining about the staff buying the stuff, when in reality they work there, and probably have for quite some time, sure it was bitchy that they took 90% of the stuff but they sorta are entitled to some stuff.
        Also if you look at the evidence its fairly obvious it was meant to be an in house sale, meant for staff only. No advertising, only leaked price sheets, begrudging confirmation of the sale, conflicting dates given by managers (probably so the staff have plenty of time to shop for what they want first).
        I agreed that this was a bit of a dog move by DSE but it was mostly that one employee who leaked it who caused this entire thing, i don't expect that a board of directors would have wanted this to happen.

          Yeah I have no issue with it. At those prices they were almost giving stock away. It would have sold out in 2 minutes anyway given they had minimal stock to begin with, so why not reward staff first? They didn't go out of their way to promote the sale other than confirming the leaks, so I'm not too bothered by it.

          Even if staff hadn't taken goods before hand, the chances of most people here getting something would have been slim still anyway.

    Big waste of time, nothing on the website, and nothing in store. Funny that the two xbox 360s that were on the shelf near closing time yesterday were not there this morning.

    Total bullsh1t sale. DS George Street, no discounted consoles or accessories, even MSoft points were still full price. People were just dumping items in front of the counter when they would learn the price on checkout. Crapballz DS.

      Not everything was on sale, especially NEW points cards

      It was the older style cards that came in the big packaging that was on sale, the new cards were normal price

    I just wanted to get the xbox live 12 month sub and a 3000 point card, guy at strathpine grabbed all 100 3000 point cards only to go to the counter and told they were full price, lol.

      A staff member and myself got the only 2 3000 cards available at Toombul.

    epic fail dick smith warn ponds (geelong) did'nt worry me to much but the kids on holiday with their pocket money were very dissappointed .

    The staff at the Chatswood Chase store had already grabbed the consoles before opening. They left the display boxes on the shelf so I was extremely let down when the cashier told me with a smirk on his face that he had put aside the last of them for himself.

      I would have knocked his bloody teeth out and walked out. Kayla i'm not surprised the Northmead and parra stores would have copped a flogging.

      I honestly thought it was too good to be true, no wonder dicky is going out of business he is a class act arsehat !

        Dick Smith hasn't owned 'Dick Smith Electronics' for almost 30 years. It's the uninformed, unintelligent and self-entitled people like yourself that make working in a retail environment such a nightmare.

        I don't work in retail anymore but I think staff members earn their right to first pick on sales like this simply because they have to deal with people like you on a day to day basis.

          Pretty much this.
          Working in retail - some days I do miss it, but then I remember the downsides. Getting staff price, and first pick at clearance items and such was just about the only upside.

            In response to that i have been working in Retail since i left highschool although i had a trade so technically i'm more important then all of you XD.

            Also if your still working in retail at the age of 30 or up are you a bum or a uni student either drain on society.
            PS bag my groceries and carry them to my lexus !

              Good thing your trade doesn't require proper grammar or spelling ability, maybe just a back to lay on.

                bahahahah stephen if that was the case i'd still be making more money then you oh trolling is fun !

        I wish someone would knock your teeth out, you douche.

    An overall joke. Parramatta was a hive of v!rgin geeks who ripped the door out the the girl's hands when she unlocked it (how dumb could this store amanger be to send a small woman to battle a surging mob of testosterone mixed with a gaming frenzy). The X-Box points offer is a complete sham and there were 1 - 2 of everything else in stock if you were lucky. No DSi's etc. There were three stupid mothers who brought children in strollers and barged their way through the doors. They whole ting was a total joke and to find out that all the stock was picked over by staff the day before, and even bigger joke. And back on teh X-Box points... staff member told me that the purposely switched out the old stock to the new. GREAT SHOW DICK SMITH!

      Parra was a mad house. I realy felt for the poor little Indian girl who they sent to open the door. She virtually got pushed out of the way when the door could let one person through and the gaming nernaderthals just bolted for the X-Boxes, PS3's and anything else they could get their hands on. The on thing is really didn't agree with was the 3 mothers I saw with prams and toddlers, not a wise place to take kids when you have mobbing teens and geeks.

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