Deezer Adds To Aussie Streaming Music Choices

We're still waiting on that long-promised local Spotify launch, but in the meantime — and rather quietly — Facebook-based streaming music service Deezer has become available. There's a few odd catches to Deezer; you've got to create your account via Facebook — and in some cases this may involve your account jumping up to Timeline if it hasn't already — and it's not exactly forthcoming as to Australian pricing, although this betakit post suggests it'll be $7.49/month for the standard Deezer service while Premium+ (which adds offline playback) will be $14.99 per month; if accurate that'll mean it's essentially in the same pricing ballpark as services like Rdio or JB Hi-Fi NOW. A 14-day trial is available, and as always it'd be sensible to check that Deezer's music offerings match up to your particular tastes. [Deezer]

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