Compact Keyboard Also Makes Calls When Email Gets Too Tedious

Sometimes a long back-and-forth discussion over email can be quickly resolved with a quick phone call. So Elecom's new compact wireless Bluetooth keyboard doubles as a VoIP handset letting you drop a line through your tablet or computer.

While not a full-sized QWERTY keyboard, which might frustrate touch typists, the TK-MBDD041 looks like it strikes a nice balance between size and typing usability. As a simple handset, it includes a see-through OLED screen for caller display, vibrating alerts, and it should work with any device that supports a Bluetooth connection. Even letting you awkwardly listen to and control your music.

Wince it's considerably larger than a Bluetooth earpiece, the battery life is rated at about three days' use. But at around $US230, it's hard to justify when you can get both a really nice wireless keyboard and a Bluetooth headset for less money. [Elecom via Akihabara News]

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