Compact Foosball Coffee Table, A Great Alternative To After-Dinner Conversation

It's certainly not the first coffee table we've featured that does more than just keep a stack of magazines off the floor. But with Teckell's Intervallo micro foosball table in your living room, you might actually look forward to sitting around sipping coffee after dinner.

This also isn't the first fancy foosball table from Teckell we've covered. In the past we've raised some obvious concerns over the company's fancy glass designs, particularly if you're playing with people who ignore the no-spinning rule. Although we'll happily make an exception for the company's latest creation which lets you fulfil your foosball table dreams even if you live in a cramped bachelor apartment.

And not only is the table utterly beautiful, with its wood accents and thick glass walls, it also looks like it provides a unique one-on-one approach to foosball. Giving each player a goalie and a single set of defenders/attackers, and no one else to blame but themselves if they lose. [Teckell via Born Rich]

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