Colorado Considers Blowing Up Frozen Cow Carcasses

High in the Rocky Mountains, in Denver, Colorado, a group of ill-fated cows wandered through a snow storm and took shelter in an old ranger cabin. The cows died in that cabin, frozen solid, never again to see the light of day.

In late March, two Air Force Academy cadets happend upon this very same cabin, where they discovered the cold carcasses of the long dead cows. They were able to identify six cow bodies inside the cabin, and several more outside. All of them frozen solid in the ice.

Now what?

US Forest Services are considering a few options: 1) they could blow the cows up with a passel of explosives; 2) they could burn down the cabin, and with it the cows; 3) they could haul away the frozen bovines via helicopter or truck. (Naturally, this cabin is located near Conundrum Hot Springs.)

But Forest Services spokesman Segin has said that helicopters are too expensive, and he's not enthusiastic about bringing trucks in the natural habitat of the Rocky Mountain wilderness. That leaves fire and explosives -- and they've used explosives before... [HuffPo]

Image: Hunta/Shutterstock



    this reminds me of that incident where they blew up the beached whale carcass

      Didn't that end badly?

    raining whale meat would be a good thing for a few...

    i wana know where they are doing this exactly, so i can go with a few slices of cheese, and burger buns...

    Why not just let them thaw and rot? They obviously don't have much need for that station anyway if they're considering blowing it up.

    call da mythbusters so that cows frozen outside cabin get thermite treatment, cabin cows get blown up

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