Clever Leave-In Handles Let You Bake Self-Slicing Bread

Once the smell of freshly baked bread starts wafting through the house, there's nothing more agonising than having to wait to dig in. So designer Tal Zur has come up with an incredibly ingenius way to shave a few precious seconds off the wait for a freshly sliced loaf.

Her Hallah Handles concept is a simple silicone and ceramic creation that you wrap around a lump of dough before you place it in the oven. The materials used won't melt during the baking process, and once you pull the fresh loaf out of the oven all that's needed is a quick tug on the handles to quickly slice it up. It's dead easy, and it takes the knife out of the equation for clumsy cooks who are prone to accidentally slicing up their fingers as well. [Core77 via Notcot]

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