Choreograph A Glowing Multi-Sphero Ballet

The answer to the question "why do I need a remote control ball?" seems to be coming in the form of apps that are making Orbotix's Sphero a must-have toy. Including the recently announced MacroLab that lets you choreograph multiple Spheros into elaborate routines.

In addition to letting you program and string together a series of commands as repeatable macros, Orbotix's MacroLab app will also let you control multiple Spheros at the same time. As long as you're using an Android handset, as apparently that functionality isn't iOS-compatible at this point and time.

Not only will the app make for some fantastic videos once it's released this month, but it's also a clever way for Orbotix to convince consumers they need to be buying more than one Sphero at a time. Other than a bleeding-edge juggling routine. [Orbotix]

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