Chill Out And Relax On This Wonderful Floating Porch

Nestled on the edge of a creek west of the Catskill Mountains in the US is this 200-year-old restored retreat. Dubbed the "Floating Farmhouse", the welcoming retreat was lovingly resuscitated by Tom Givone, a self-taught designer.

The comely abode was rejuvenated with a melange of new, recycled and found materials. One big, bright windowed side is comprised of 7m tall skyscraper glass. Its original cedar roof shingles are displayed on the walls in the master bedroom and the hallway of the guest bedroom. Eleven giant pine trees overwhelming the property were chopped down and milled to provide the custom woodwork, like the wainscoting, door and window trim.

And don't forget the main attraction: the 4m by 15m inviting covered porch, which languishes atop the creek, begging you to come rest for a while. It's hard to believe before Giovane bought the place in 2002, it was a dilapidated blight. But he's turned it around, crafting it into a stunning sanctuary. [Dwell]

Image: Mark Mahaney/Dwell

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