Carbon Fibre Bookshelves Are Novel Objects Of Lust

You don't see it used in furniture very often, but Davide Anzalone's Aliante bookshelf, which took the top prize at Olympus RFP's 2012 Carbon fibre Design Contest, makes a strong case for using carbon fibre everywhere.

Looking like it could serve alongside the stealth fighter in the US Air Force, you can actually fill the shelf's outstretched tipped wings all the way to the ends without them sagging. And let's not forget that when it comes time to move you could easily strap this thing to your back and barely feel the added weight. If only such a creation didn't come with a price tag that would require you to mortgage your new home.

[Davide Anzalone via FastCo Design]


    ME WANT NOW!!!!

      Give me the money and you can have one now...

    It'd be interesting to see if this would really stand up to a proper load of books rather than the artfully arranged items shown in all the pictures. CF is strong, but mainly for tension loads, and this design doesn't take that into account.

    Even more tacky Carbon Fibre shit from Andrew Liszewski

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