Building Titanic: Learn How The (Not) Unsinkable Ship Was Born

Jack and Rose aren't the only ones taking a ride on the Titanic again. National Geographic has hopped aboard the unsinkable ship with the release of its iPad app, Building Titanic.

What does it do?

The app takes you through the full history of the once-unsinkable ship, starting in 1908, when the design for the luxury ship was approved by White Star lines. An interactive timeline then follows the building of the Titanic from March 1909 when the first keel was laid to April 1912, when the boat embarked on its fatal voyage.

Why do we like it?

The app recreates the nearly three-year process of building the Titanic in a time lapse video, providing explicit details along the way, like the fact that its keel plate was 52 inches wide at its largest point. It also displays the full history of boat, including tidbits like why the designers chose one turbine over two. (They preferred size and luxury over speed). It's also free, and works together nicely with the new iPad's lovely retina display.

Building Titanic

Download this app for: iPad, Free The best: chock full of Titanic history The worst: only in landscape orientation



    Does it also mention that the builders cut costing corner and used sub par building martial ?

      This was a great ship but the metal they used on the bolts were not pure iron that's why the ship sank in my mind but for the people that died my prayes go out to them very sad in my mind . I all so had a family member on there that died in first class . Wished I could have seen him . Hope they try to make another one just like it but better maid . I would be the one on it !!

    The Irish ship builders used solely protestant workers. That pissed the irish catholics off so much, they were the one who designed the iceberg.

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