Bubbles: The Future Of The Lightbulb?

Although there are many lightbulb options open to the smart consumer, they all share one important trait: they're all solid and don't pop, unlike this bubble light.

The Surface Tension Lamp, designed by Italian designers Spazio Rossana Orlandi, replaces the lightbulb's glass with liquid water. An LED lamp shines through a bubble as it expands, reflecting light and creating luminescence. When the bubble pops, a new one takes its place. Over the course of the LED lamp's lifespan, three million bubbles will expand and explode.

Of course, this isn't the most practical idea. These lamps don't look like they give off that much light; just a hazy glow. And I'm sure all that liquid ends up somewhere after the bubbles pop. So you probably wouldn't want to put this over, say, a dining room table. But if you did, you'd certainly have something to talk about during your dimly lit meal. [Architizer]

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