Biotech Company Blamed For Bee Collapse Buys Leading Bee Research Firm

Monsanto, the biotech company whose proprietary genetically modified corn has been fingered as the possible culprit in the collapse of the bee population, has gone ahead and purchased Beelogics, a research firm committed to "restoring bee health and protecting the future of insect pollination".

How very, very convenient. It'll be much easier to keep the blame off them, now that Monsanto owns its enemy. [GlobalResearch]

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    If food production collapses around the world at least Monsanto staff will suffer along with the rest of us :-(

    Monsanto need to be held accountable. They have way too discretion in there myriad fields of study and production. The US needs to man up and kick them where it hurts.

      Its not that simple. Over the last hundred years we have backed ourselves into a corner economically, with so many people crops need to be modified simply just to feed everyone. Without the modifications plants really cant produce anywhere near the level of fruits and veg needed to keep everyone fed. So in essence we have started something we cant stop.

      I don't doubt that soon ( not in the near future ) this will come back to bite us and instead of a bee collapse it will be a human population collapse. Of course being human it will probably end up with people eating each other in the streets. Personally i would like some banker.

        Crap. It has nothing to do with capacity, and everything to do with cost of production for large agribusiness.

        In most western societies we waste significant amounts of food. We also eat things we shouldn't like food containing high fructose corn syrup.

        The worst thing is that most of the corn (including GMO corn) in the US isn't even for human consumption. Around 80% of all corn produced in the US is used for livestock feed. So even if you don't eat it yourself, chances are that cornfed chicken or 'grain fed' beef you have you eye on has been dining on GMO products.

    Do GM crops pollinate themselves? If not what will do it in place of the bees?

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