Aussie 'Playa' Case Protects Your, Uh, Protection

Man, how much does it suck when your girlfriend's dad spots the tell-tale embossing of a prophylactic secreted away in your wallet? Really? No one? Honestly, I'm not that surprised, but it hasn't stopped Australia-based Annex Products from coming up with the "Playa Case", a specially designed iPhone cover with its own secret compartment for stowing your latex.

Annex's taken the comedic approach with its marketing, as you can see in the video above. Despite the levels of cheese being heavily-layered, it gets the idea behind the product across.

While I don't doubt the Playa would do an admirable job of keeping your sheaths hidden from the eyes of the most protective progenitors, I can't help but think the "Playa" branding on the back would see you chased out of your date's abode by a broom/bat/shotgun-wielding parent in record time.

If you're desperate (in more ways than one), the Playa Case isn't available just yet, but you can register you interest on the product's website. Colours include black, white and pink (for the gentler playas) and it should be priced at $29.95.

[Opena Case]



    Anyone who keeps a condom in their wallet has a higher chance of it from breaking because of the heat and constant friction when opening and closing the wallet. And keeping it inside your phone would be worse since the iPhone can get hot. As it says on most condom packagings, "Store in a cool, dry, place".

      "heat and friction from opening and closing your wallet"...?

      i think youre using your wallet wrong.

        So if you don't open your wallet how do you get things out of it, i cant believe I've been using my wallet wrong for 23 years.

      You're thinking about this too much. The kind of people who keep a condom in their wallet probably wouldn't care what condition it's in, as long as they still get laid.

    needs space for more then one.

    Yeah.... Surely April Fool's

    After watching this, I have come up with a new invention. It's a condom you wear inside your anus all the time, so that when you're walking your dog, and your dog humps you, or, while checking the mail, the postman makes you his bitch, you don't have to reach for your phone first. My inspiration? The only two feasible instances where this guy could possibly have sex in the scenarios ha lists in the video. Note: I say this guy, because I totally have sex all the time with hot chicks while walking the dog and checking the mail, I don't even have a dog, that's how many hot chicks I have sex with, all the time. Really. I put handles on my mailbox. BOO-YAH!

    Even if it wasn't an April Fools joke it's not actually all that bad an idea.
    People tend to have their phones within easier reach than their wallets, the condom would be far less likely to be damaged, and it looks like getting to thing would be quicker.

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