Aussie 'Playa' Case Protects Your, Uh, Protection

Man, how much does it suck when your girlfriend's dad spots the tell-tale embossing of a prophylactic secreted away in your wallet? Really? No one? Honestly, I'm not that surprised, but it hasn't stopped Australia-based Annex Products from coming up with the "Playa Case", a specially designed iPhone cover with its own secret compartment for stowing your latex.

Annex's taken the comedic approach with its marketing, as you can see in the video above. Despite the levels of cheese being heavily-layered, it gets the idea behind the product across.

While I don't doubt the Playa would do an admirable job of keeping your sheaths hidden from the eyes of the most protective progenitors, I can't help but think the "Playa" branding on the back would see you chased out of your date's abode by a broom/bat/shotgun-wielding parent in record time.

If you're desperate (in more ways than one), the Playa Case isn't available just yet, but you can register you interest on the product's website. Colours include black, white and pink (for the gentler playas) and it should be priced at $29.95.

[Opena Case]

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