Arrow-Shaped Handles Means You'll Never Yank On A Push Door Again

With glass doors it's not always immediately obvious which direction the door swings. Is it towards you, or away from you? And making the wrong decision can be disastrously embarrassing. So we like these arrow-shaped handles that provide a subtle hint whether you need to push or pull.

In fact, the handles are so subtle that most people probably wouldn't pick up on the clue the first time they encountered them. Instead, they'd kind of be like an easter egg that users would accidentally discover, and from that day on they'd never try to pull a push door ever again. Unfortunately, the handles are merely a clever concept designed by Eun Ah Kim, Jinhyuk Rho and Maria Rho. Leaving the world open to continued door faux pas. [Yanko Design via Dornob]

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