Apple Is One Of The Heaviest Coal Users In The Industry

Apple's pretty products do a good job distracting from the bleak reality of how they're made. As we've learned from the Foxconn debacle, that means sub-standard working conditions. But it's not just people that are affected, but also the environment.

Built to support iCloud, Apple's new billion-dollar data centre in Maiden, North Carolina, is another strike against the world's most valuable company. In fact, the behemoth, which is one of the largest such facilities on the planet, is powered mostly by coal, through Duke Energy. Even though Cupertino is building a solar farm down the road from the data centre, that renewable source only accounts for 10 per cent of its juice.

Apple is one of the worst offenders in the industry when it comes to the use of clean energy. Greenpeace estimates that just 15.3 per cent of Apple's energy is clean, while 55.1 per cent is powered by coal. That figure makes it the heaviest user of this dirty power out of any other tech company. Google by contrast uses 28.7 per cent coal, with 39.4 per cent of its energy classified as clean, and for Facebook, those figures are 39.4 per cent and 36.4 per cent, respectively.

Apple has obviously reached astronomical levels of profitability and success, so it can afford to clean up its act when it comes to energy. And for our sake, let's hope it does. [Mother Jones]



    I thought the title said "Corel" and I was thinking "wow, they hate adobe that much that they're still using Corel draw...?"

    They should build an iNuke plant.

    Wow, even Greenpeace has jumped on the "I hate Apple" bandwagon.

      No Greenpeace has seen the Apple avaiable funding and trying to milk them for cash.

    You might want to make some edits on this one, Apple has come out and declared these figures inaccurate. Greenpeace reportedly published incorrect figures deliberately to drum up publicity.

    Media pirates.

      links, evidence or do you accept bastat retorts that aren't worth the paper their written on.

        I'm as anti Apple as they come, but greenpeace are a political organization. Politicians lie more than corporations.

        So you didn't hear about the unfounded allegations Greenpeace made against a toilet paper company, and how it threatened Woolworths and Coles into not buying it, putting the company out of business?

        Greenpeace are covered by being 'environmental activists' when they've done a lot of stuff that would land the average joe in prison.

    P.S. in the early 90's GreanPeace was caught clubbing seals to make a propaganda video against Canada's fur seal trade.

    They pretended to be seal hunters, clubbed seals and filmed it...all to try and sway public opinion

    GreanPeace is a environmental terrorist organisation...I don't trust their ethics or agree with their actions.

    Yes the world must change...but violence and deceit is not the way to do it!

      And how do you propose to make the world a better place - by whining anonymously about it?

      So GreenPeace made a video, so what? Does that negate every good thing that they've ever done and are doing? (And I suppose you cheered when you heard what happened to Rainbow Warrior.)

        So what? So Greenpeace lied and openly deceived the public, as they and PETA continue to do.

        April if you can't whats wrong with that, you only go to prove EXACTLY what is wrong with the green movement.. and yes, personally the loss of the rainbow warrior.. best thing to happen since the beginning of the "green movement"

        Assuming the posters story is accurate, you see nothing wrong with Green Peace creating a video regarding animal cruelty that consists of Green Peace themselves torturing animals? It's hypercritical, immoral and in a great many places outright illegal.

        I'd say that yes, it does undo a lot of the good they may have done if they themselves are practicing in the acts as well.

        Clubbing seals and filming it.
        April Appoves

    Apple isn't evil, greenpeace is. I mean, they're criticizing Apple FFS! The largest corporation in the world and the maker of lovely shiny objects for mass consumption!! How evil could they be?

    It's hard to really see why there's so much surprise here, the conclusions are pretty logical and don't really paint Apple in THAT bad of a light when you actually stop to think about the context and stop being a weak little fanboi:
    Companies like Microsoft and Google are great big tech companies too, sure but they're mainly doing data and software. It is FAR easier for them to be less energy intensive or to turn to greener power.
    Apple however has direct involvement with hardware production, shipping and sale so that immediately sets things way against them in terms of energy usage. They can't be as centralised in their energy usage either because of the physical hardware they have to build and distribute all over the place, so that makes it much harder to go green too.

    There is no way that Apple can compete with Google or MS on green power usage simply because it's a different sort of operation. This is apples and oranges stuff. No need to get angry at Greenpeace and accuse them of lying. The deck is simply stacked against Apple because of the context here.

    Guarantee that video was edited on a Mac using Final Cut Pro.

    Hmmm didnt greenpeace use boats too to block whaling or some sorts?
    Unless their boats is powered by piss, i say the lot of them hypocrites

    Not defending apple in a sense as well, if they have a lot of cash, surely they could do a bit better

    Don't worry when everything runs out on our small planet we can all stop arguing

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