An Electric Beach Cruiser For The Supremely Lazy

Maybe this would be an acceptable form of transport for the likes of Marlon Brando or Alfred Hitchcock, but for anybody else it simply declares, "Hello world! I'm to lazy to pedal or balance!" At least it's only three grand.

The Beachcombing Electric Tricycle by Hammacher Schlemmer is exactly what it sounds like — a beach-cruising chimera with an added wheel and 32km/h 350W motor. The Li-Ion battery can haul you for up to 48km of shame as long as you weigh less than 113kg. If so, the onboard storage can stow your "groceries, gym bag" or pride. It's even got a lower back rest for some reason. It retails for $US3000 from the HS website. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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