Five Minutes Of What Seems Like Every Superhero Cartoon, Movie and TV Show Ever

The Avengers hit cinemas a few days ago and by accounts, it's a bit of alright. But let's not forget all the superhero flicks that got us to this point, be they good, great or downright awful. Fortunately, all you need to do for a crash course is watch the four minutes and 42 seconds of video above.

It's not just Marvel and DC that get a good airing — Woody Harrelson as Defendor pops up early on and I spotted the distinct green, bandanna-ed head of a ninja turtle near the halfway point. And is that... does the Phantom stick his hand into someone's crotch at the 1:00-minute mark? I honestly don't remember Billy Zane doing that.

Nostalgia gets me every time when I watch these mash-ups. This clip is no exception.


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