Add A 5.6-Inch LCD Display To Your DSLR

If the Canon 5D Mark III's generous 3.2-inch LCD display still isn't large enough for your needs, the Swivi lets you strap on an even larger 5.6-inch swiveling display for live previews or reviewing shots and footage.

Using a bracket that attaches to your camera's tripod mount, the Swivi hangs off the side of your camera and connects via its HMDI-out connection. So if your camera doesn't have HDMI, you can just move along now.

Its limited resolution of just 480,000 pixels pales in comparison to the 1,040,000 pixels on the Mark III's display. But the extra real estate will make it easier for multiple people to see and hear the display at the same time as it features its own set of speakers as well.

The $US330 Swivi is powered by a Canon LP-E6 battery, but it includes an adaptor for six AAs if you're shooting with Nikon or other gear. If it's tempting, just keep in mind it's going to add bulk and weight to an already hefty piece of gear. So strapping it on when you're just snapping tourist shots while travelling is probably a little overkill. [Swivi via Gear Culture]

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