A Coat Rack So Attractive, You Might Not Want To Hang A Coat On It At All

Having somewhere to hang a jacket when you walk in your front door is nice, but the problem with having a proper coat rack is that you end up with a critical mass of outerwear occupying your entryway. A very simple but very nice-looking piece like Florian Saul's Servus rack might just do the trick.

Consisting of a single loop of wood and a leather bag, the rack leans up against a wall, or as Minimalissimo explains, can be combined with a second Servus rack. A detachable leather bag, which can be used for scarves, gloves or anything else you so desire, adds a bit of substance, contrast and class to the frame. Whether or not this makes it to the marketplace remains to be seen, but even if it never does, we can at least admire it from afar. [Florian Saul via Minimalissimo]

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