5 Reasons Why The New Photoshop Is A Big Deal

5 Reasons Why The New Photoshop Is A Big Deal

It’s CS6 day! Adobe just dropped Creative Suite 6, which means a trove of updated apps with new features that make it seem like magical gremlins live inside your computer, processing your images.

There’s a lot to love about Photoshop CS6. But it’s easier to fall in love when you can see the tools in action, not just explained. Adobe’s dumped a load of official explainer and preview videos on its official Photoshop YouTube channel. Some are great, and others are just long and sort of boring. Here are some of the best, as well as some of Adobe’s previous videos of the great new features of CS6:

The new RAW import tool is a lot better than it was in previous versions.

The new RAW importBackground saving doesn’t affect your workflow, but it can save you hours if you crash in the middle of a project.

Content-aware patch tool — super-magic magic wand!

The new blurring tool interface seems perfect for faking shallow depth-of-field.

3D objects in their own layer can generate shadows.