4WD And Open Manhole Combine With Dramatic Results

4WD And Open Manhole Combine With Dramatic Results

The latest example of random insanity from the Russian roads captured by dashcam shows, in rather direct fashion, how one worker’s negligence can quickly translate into an SUV flying through the air.

Normally dashcam footage begins with a driver clearly driving in a manner that they should not be, but this SUV driver is operating in a perfectly reasonable fashion when things go very wrong. An open manhole is all it takes to launch the vehicle up in the air and send it flipping over multiple times.

Amazingly, with the assistance of others, the driver of this SUV is able to remove himself from the damaged vehicle not long after the dramatic accident. As if there were not already enough obstacles and potential hazards to consider when navigating Russian roadways, it appears scanning the roadway for large holes left open by lazy workers is now another essential step to arriving anywhere safely.

Hat tip to LeadfootYT & CeRuLeaNBLu – Appreciative of QUADROZONTAL!

Republished from Jalopnik.