1-Bit Camera: Take Your iPhone Pics Back In Time

1-Bit Camera: Take Your iPhone Pics Back In Time

With an 8MP sensor, the iPhone’s camera has advanced quite far. But in the age of Instagram, where any yahoo with a smartphone can be a photographer, 1-Bit camera is reversing that effect.

What does it do?

It takes the camera on your iPhone or iPad back in time to the ’80s Mac OS era. Snap pictures in one-bit quality on your iOS device and share them directly to Facebook or Twitter.

Why do we like it?

Styled like an early Mac, this app is a ton of fun. Your Twitter and Facebook feed are probably bombarded with artsy fartsy shots of food and architecture, snapped by your friends that don’t exactly have a BFA, and sometimes it’s just annoying. However, this app lampoons that phenomenon, and it’s pretty fun. Boasting 1-bit range and 150 kilopixels (yeah, kilopixels), it also includes Atkinson and Bayer dithering algorithms, so your pics can party like it’s 1985.

1-Bit Camera

Download this app for: iPhone/iPad, $0.99