Who Is Sabu?

Yesterday, Sabu was a ghost -- the spirit of Anonymous, having guided the group through its most powerful and infamous hacks. Now he's Hector Monsegnur, a 28-year-old unemployed guy from the New York projects -- and a snitch. Here's what we know:

Sabu started ratting on his friends after someone ratted on him

At a briefing by the United States Attorney's Office, it was revealed that Sabu flipped on Anonymous after the feds were tipped off to his identity by a 3rd party. Who? We don't know -- but the man had plenty of enemies.

Sabu then went on to work with the FBI -- sometimes inside FBI offices -- for nine months.

Sabu lives/lived in this Manhattan housing project

Sabu calls 90 Avenue D home -- otherwise known as the Jacob Riis Houses, a large public project in New York's Lower East Side. All phone numbers associated with the property, where he lived with his mother, Irma, before she died, are either disconnected or ring indefinitely.

Sabu had family trouble

The Monsegnur clan was written up in this 2007 New York Times article on public housing policy:

Iris and Hector Monsegur worry about their mother's diabetes, but they are not allowed to visit her at the Jacob Riis Houses in Manhattan. They were caught selling heroin in 1997 and sent to prison for seven years each, they said. Ms. Monsegur now runs a credit repair company out of her home on Staten Island, and her brother works for a sanitation company in New Jersey and lives in the Bronx.

Sabu's father is pictured at the top.

Sabu pretended to be a cop

It seems like Hector mistook being a snitch for being an FBI agent, our pals at Gawker explain:

On the evening of Feb. 3, an NYPD officer encountered 28-year-old Monsegnur at a Lower East Side apartment in New York City. When the cop asked Monsegnur for identification, the criminal complaint alleges, he replied, "My name is Boo. They call me Boo. Relax. I am a federal agent. I am an agent of the federal government."

He was not an agent of the federal government, and was charged with Criminal Impersonation on February 3, 2012.

Sabu really liked cars

FWD dug up Sabu's street racing-devoted YouTube account -- "LeSTerrorist" -- which includes automotive gems such as: "My boy Loco playing god mode; fixing Manny's front by pulling the bends out of the frame of the car. Watch till the end; you will see the hood lock!"

According to federal charging documents, Sabu hacked into an automotive parts company's computer to ship himself four engines worth over $US3000.

Sabu possibly worked at a small New York tech startup

This one's weird! Unearthed email records for Sabu point to an @openplans.org address, the email domain of a company planning real-time public transit tracking. Sabu's LinkedIn profile (even hackers use LinkedIn!) label him a "Senior Systems Administrator" for OpenPlans, though he's no longer listed in its employee directory, and a call to the company regarding his employment record hasn't been returned.

He could afford an iMac

Despite living in the projects and taking care of two kids on his own, he apparently owned an iMac, visible in photos obtained by Fox News. It's possible the feds gave him this gear as a condition of his cooperation.

Sabu liked T.I.

The only video he favourited on YouTube is a now-defunct T.I music video.



    I smell misinformation....The guys responcible for the Anon attacks are Class A Hackers ( hehe GITS refrence ).

    I dont think this guy is even remotly ascociated with them. I mean the FBI has been given so many black eyes by these guys that they might have goten desperate enough to invent Sabu.

    A decient analogy would be conflict. If you want to go to war with someone you need the support of the people. So you put out information demonising the ( in this case - group) country. For example "Thier leader is out of work bum who steals automotive parts by day *and hacks the NSA, FBI and Military Law firms in his spare time.*"

    Besides i dont think Anon even has a leader...or atleast not the type of leader we think of when we use the word. I smell desperation on the FBI's part.

      No articles I've read have said he was a leader or annon. Every thing I've read says he was the leader of lulzsec.

      As to the steals automotive parts by day bit. You are quite conveniently missing the "hacked into the auto parts companys computer" part. Your trying to make out like he's an ordinary person by day and a hacker by night. The truth is he is a hacker by day and by night.

      That makes no sense. If they really wanted the people's support they would be trying to DE-humanise them as much as possible. Giving him a modest backstory would only further align him with the working class people whose support they're trying to garner.

    This guy looks a lot like the guy that stole Zoz Brooks' mac a while ago...
    Go to 10:23 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4oB28ksiIo)

      Thanks for that link G. Hilarious story and some great lessons.

        I always enjoy harmless, intelligent revenge :o)

    thats not his youtube i can tell you THAT right now.
    thats all the info you get outta me

      Sure. I don;t believe you.

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