What Will Be Your Next Super Phone? 33 Hot Phone Specs Compared [Updated]

With Mobile World Congress having concluded, the smartphone market is seriously heating up. But which of the super phones coming soon will be your next handset? Here’s how these upcoming beasts compare.

UPDATE: Click here for the most recent version of Gizmodo Australia's mega phone spec comparison table.


    Where's the Samsung Galaxy S III?

      The focus for this update was on the phones of MWC; Samsung wasn't showing off the SGSIII there, so that's why it's not in -- for now.

    I'm hoping the Lumia 900 will be available in Australia when my contract ends in a few months, although I'm not holding my breath, I may hold out for it or maybe get a Lumia 800 instead

      Wait for the Nokia Lumia 900 as it has a front facing camera for programmes like Skype. That's what I'm waiting for

      Likewise. I have an HTC Mozart and will happily go Windows Phone again. I just want a larger screen so the Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Focus S or possibly an HTC again in the Titan II. It will need to be Telstra 4G whichever way I go.

      I've been using a Lumia 800 for about 3 months, and it's great. Software wise I find no difference from the Mozart I was using, but the hardware is sexy. I love the screen and the unibody plastic. I'm waiting for the 900 as well to gift to my sister.

    The ZTE Era looks like a Window Phone device from the picture, but it says Android 4.0. I'm not sure if it is a mistake with the details or image.

      Looks like the picture is of the ZTE Orbit. Click its link for more.

    And I believe that the 32GB Galaxy Nexus got nixed, at least for Aussie networks. Nice comprehensive list though - I'm bookmarking it for the next time someone asks me for a recommendation...

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Way too many new phones running android 2.x.

      That's because ICS wasn't available to most manufacturers until mid November and the porting, testing and compliance cycle takes 3-4 months on average. Virtually all the handsets shown at MWC were promising the 4.0 update within the next month or two.

        How often do they either forget their promises or keep delaying them until nobody can be bothered updating and instead just buy a new phone? Apparently Jelly Bean (v5.0) is on its way by the end of the year, so to still see new phones coming out with 2.3 is shocking to say the least. To me it just seems to be pure laziness on behalf of the manufacturer.

    This table doesn't work in the mobile browser sorry.

    Thought the "HTX One X" was quad core?

    If youre not looking at Windows Phone for your next mobile then youre looking at the wrong place.

    And Im noticing a lot of dual core Android phones. They still get smoked by Windows phones.

      + 1 for Warcroft. WP handsets are an awesome experience that I would choose over my android work phone any day (currently using both). Definately good to compare all these stats though - looking forward to the Lumina 900!

      I'm not so sure - I love my WP and will suggest it to anyone who will listen but I think it still has a little ways before we can claim WP as number 1.

      I did have a play with the Lumia 800 on the weekend and it has propelled the 900 to the top of my wishlist.

      That's a very broad statement. Different people have different needs.

      I recently went from a HTC Mozart running Mango, to an iPhone 4S and I am very happy with my choice.

      Windows phones are awesome.... until you start wanting apps

        Really? Ive never had a problem with not having particular apps.
        The cry of "no apps" is so 12 months ago.

          The mentality of WP not having any apps will probably stick for at least another 12 months until more people start buying the handsets or the Windows Marketplace surpasses 100,000 apps. Same thing happened with Android.

      WP7 is nice, but that's not to say the alternatives are bad. There isn't really a "wrong" decision in WP7/droid/iOS, they're all really good.

    Galaxy Nexussssss :)

    Why did Nokia name their Lumia numbering the way they have? 900, 800. Ok. Logically it should be 700 and 600, but why is it 710 and 610? 600 and 700 some failed prototype or something? The inconsistency makes me ANGRY!!

    808 :) Take away the camera and then try to get the set of features on that phone on any other phone. Then add the camera back again.

    Galaxy S III...I dont care if its not on the list :p

      More so a S III variant with windows :)

    The Lumia 610 picture is the Lumia 800.

      ^What he/she said.

    Will Winphone 8 be out sooner than 2 years? If so, Lumia 900 it is.

      I mean if not

        That is my dilemma also. Windows phone 8 (currenty known as Apollo) is due out later this year quite close to the windows 8 launch. That means around September to November. Also some sources have indicated that some handsets including the lumia 900 should be updated to Apollo but Nokia has been fairly tight lipped on the situation. The other point is that wp8 will support HD screens and multicore processors so the hardware will be a lot more impressive later this year. I'm just hoping I can hold out with my nearly 2 year old omnia 7 and its ever dwindling battery life...

          Im going to wait til the end of the year. By then we should have the iPhone 5, the GS3, Android 5.0 (Jelly Bean), and WP8. Then I'll decide what to upgrade from my current Samsung Galaxy S 1.

    Xperia S has no micro SDHC support, like the rest of the 2012 Xperia lineup.

      Actually you are wrong. The Xperia Ion has an SDHC slot. It also has LTE and a removable battery too. The S has neither. it has a fixed batt.

    Padfone or note

    im bit of an Apple 4 fanboy - it's been an awesome phone - but i quite fancy switching over to Windows in the near future ... just don't like the Android feel and touch ....

    I wish I could combine the Nokia Pureview camera with the HTC One X :)

    Back to reality...I like the way HTC have scaled back Sense, and the new styling of the One range is pretty cool. And of course those specs are smoking hot. Could well be my next phone.

    I would prefer this list to be in order of popularity, or predicted popularity. So many different phones that I can't make up my mind. Like the HTC One X, Galaxy 3s and there are different rumours on the iphone 5, when would that one come out?

    RAZR Maxx weighs 145g not 127g, just for the sake of accuracy

    With all the phones coming out this year I think it would be great if the table was sortable by the different specs. Just after the biggest phone, or the lightest, or the best camera, just sort on the column? Will make it so much easier for people to decide.

    Doesn't bother me but, it's the Galaxy S3 or bust :)

    really want the lumia 900 but if htc titan II get's here first, i'll go for it

    Can you add an extra column for LTE / 3G? As only a handful are LTE

    Wait.......the title says "What will be your next super phone?" yet the devices you listed also contain tablets? Anyhoo, if you were going to include tablets, it would have been nicer if you had separated them in a another table rather than jumble them up with the phones.

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