What Happened To Australian Galaxy Nexus Accessories?

What Happened To Australian Galaxy Nexus Accessories?

Some months on from the Galaxy Nexus’ Australian launch, many buyers are still waiting for official accessories to hit stores. There’s good news here — official accessories are coming — and some bad news, as you’ll have to wait a little while longer to get them.

A Giz reader called Whytey tipped me off to this one (unsubtle reminder: you can always drop us a tip in the tips box), as some months after the launch, there’s still no sight of accessories such as the car dock; the only thing listed on Samsung’s Australian site are Bluetooth headsets, which frankly would work with any phone. This is what Samsung Australia currently lists as compatible accessories:

Compare that to the US version of the site and you get an idea of the problem:

So I put the question to Samsung to get to the bottom of why we’re not seeing accessories such as the car dock in Australian stores; their official response indicates that we will see them — but not for a little while. A Samsung representative told me that:

“We anticipate that additional supplies of Galaxy NEXUS accessories will be available in Australian retail stores from April.”

So in other words, hang tight, Galaxy Nexus fans — the long wait appears to (nearly) be over.