What Being Inside A Tornado Looks Like

If you've ever wondered what being inside the swirling terror of a tornado looks like, watch this video. It's footage from a school bus that got trapped inside the destructive spin of the grey cyclone. It's utterly terrifying.

The tornado attacks quickly, so watch carefully. Once it hits the bus, it takes less than 10 seconds for Mother Nature to toss the 16.3-tonne school bus around like a rag doll and slam it against a building. The concentrated force of the swirling wind of debris and hail is impressive, like a knockout punch. It makes the elongated ground shaking of earthquakes seem like a series of jabs.

Luckily and amazingly, the bus driver and the 11 students inside the school bus managed to ditch the bus and take cover before the tornado hit. It was a close call though, as they only escaped three minutes before the tornado hit. You can see the whole video about the Tornado of Henryville, Tornado here. [AccuWeather]

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