Week In Review: Notes, iPads, Lumias And Donors

A huge week for technology gadgets here at Gizmodo, with Nokia's first Windows phone, Samsung's massive Note, Apple's hyped iPad and much, much more. Here's our pick of the week's top stories.

Nokia Lumia 800 Review: You Had Me At Gorgeous

Nokia’s Lumia 800 takes the gorgeous design of the N9 and slaps a new coat of Windows Phone 7 paint. The end result is a phone that’ll be drooled over by Windows Phone 7 aficionados, and could well influence a few switchers along the way Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note Launches In Australia

After a lengthy wait, the Galaxy Note made its official Australian debut Read More

Windows 9 Predictions: Looking Forward

How do you predict the future? It’s easy: There’s going to be a Windows 9 in a few years. As for what might be inside Microsoft’s future operating system, however, that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame. Read More

The Five-Step Guide To Securing Someone Else’s Computer

You know it’s going to happen; a friend or relative asks you to help set up their new computer and ensure that they’re protected from all the potential nasties out there. Follow these five simple steps to make sure their machine is safe. Read More

New iPad Launches In Australia

The International dateline being what it is meant that we had the first official sales of the new iPad in the world. Danny checked out Telstra's midnight launch, Alex took on Apple's lengthy 8am queue, and then we sat down to take a good hard look at the new iPad. Read More

Most Entertaining Story

Organ Donation In Australia: The Facts

This isn't a story for entertainment as we'd usually do — but that's because it's a truly significant story instead. Within Australia there’s a lot of publicity surrounding organ donation, but nowhere near enough donors. If you're not a donor, we'd strongly suggest signing up — and talking it over with your nearest and dearest. Here's why. Read More

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