Week In Review: MWC, Windows 8 And The Comedy Aspects Of Internet Piracy

Mobile World Congress was upon us, and so was Windows 8 Consumer Preview. We argued piracy and headphones, and much more. This is the week in review: the best stories from the week starting 27th of February 2012.

Why People Pirate: Funny Because It’s True?

We’ve asked before if you buy, rent, beg or steal music or movies online. The question is why? Read More

Mountain Lion Review: What Happened To Apple’s Innovation?

Mountain Lion seemed to promise a lot, but are those promises hollow? Read More

Tablets And Phones Of Mobile World Congress 2012

MWC 2012 came and went, and with it, a tidal wave of new handsets and tablets. Here's what you need to know. Read More

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Hands-On: No Going Back

Windows 8 Consumer Preview launched, and at this stage, it looks like Microsoft might have a hit on its hands. Read More

Microsoft: Don’t Let PC Makers Ruin Windows 8

Windows 8 could be a hit — unless OEMs infest it with crapware first. Read More

Most Entertaining Story

Should You Wear Headphones In The Office?

The issue of office headphone use is a contentious one. We discussed the issues, by way of Kate Bush and Partners In Kryme. Read More

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