We All Live In A Watercolour With These New OpenStreetMap Skins

Google Maps is mighty useful, but not everybody's a fan — including Apple, who seem to be ditching it. But OpenStreetMap isn't the nicest-looking thing, and let's not discuss Bing. This new OpenStreetMap skin, however, is hands down the best-looking digital map I've ever seen.

Produced by Stamen Design, these overlays turn the basic OpenStreetMap data into something from the inside of an explorer's sketchbook. They evoke a sense of the journey — something any good map should do — in a way I've never witnessed digitally before.

The best part is that they're freely available to use under Creative Commons Licence — so anybody can use them and incorporate them into their website. Incredible. Also, if watercolours aren't your bag, Stamen Design has also put together a high-contrast black and white map called Toner, and a more conventional Terrain skin for those who don't like change. [Stamen Design via Jason Santa Maria via The Verge]

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