Watch This RC Top Gun Pilot His Helicopter Through Impossible Manoeuvres

Carl Groover is the Maverick of RC helicopters. He does things with a miniature chopper that seem to defy the laws of gravity and physics. It will seriously blow your mind, and not just because you lost an hour of sleep this weekend.

Carl is helping Smarter Every Day with a series of videos that take a look at the physics behind how a helicopter stays aloft. But this intro only serves to show off his amazing piloting skills. By the end of it you'll be less interested in how a helicopter works, and more curious how many RC helicopters Carl has wrecked while honing his skills. [Smarter Every Day via The Awesomer]


    It's articles like this that make Gizmodo worth my daily read.

    It almost looks like a dragonfly.


    Ok, so I'm starting to believe the hype about remote-piloted UAVs being the future of aerial combat for manoeuverability reasons...

    This is hard stuff - just flying a basic RC helicopter is hard but these things are wicked. Essentially the chopper is full throttle the entire time and the movement and speed is controlled not by the speed of the motor but by the pitch of the blades. Reverse the pitch and you can fly upside down. Rapidly flip the pitch back and forth and you can go from upside down to right-side up, etc. Then you mix in some other inputs (pitch, yaw, roll) and they look utterly mad.

    I have started down the the path of RC heli's with the goal of getting this good or better.
    His moves are pretty basic compared to the top guys in the world, youtube search for "alan Szabo jr" or "Tareq Alsaadi" for the top guys.
    I'm currently trying to master a "Blade MCPx" which is capable of the moves featured above, just on a much smaller scale, which makes things much cheaper when learning aka crashing, 90% of crashes on the MCPx, breaks nothing, and the odd crash will need a $10 part.
    Crash that one in the vid and 90% of the time you will be up for $100+ in parts.
    There are also great sims, where you use your actual transmitter, this helps you learn the harder moves without breaking anything.
    Be warned, I'm about 4 weeks into it, $1500 down and just getting into inverted stuff.

    I'm not even close to this sort of thing, I'm only down a hundred bucks to start off for spares and a crappy heli haha. Mine couldn't fly in these sorts of winds sadly :P It'd fall out the sky pretty quickly.


    I guess youve never really seen 3D RC choppers??

    This is a better example of how to fly 3D. World champ:

    I fly a full size 500D and I'm going out to practise some of those moves...........then again maybe not just yet. I'll need to check out the clip a few more times I

    What a totally awesome and yet useless skill this is.

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