Watch A New iPad 3 As It's Obliterated By Lasers

Perhaps taking inspiration from Tom Dickson's Will It Blend?, this guy decided to throw an iPad 3 in front of a bunch of lasers, specifically the Krypton and Arctic series from Wicked Lasers. It takes a while for the beams to do their thing, but when they do, much fire is involved.

In their mountings, the lasers look like weapons from a tower defence game. Unmounted, they give off a (likely intentional) lightsabre vibe. The green and blue rays projected by the lasers don't seem strong at first but, given time, they eventually deal damage to Apple's latest gizmo. Just after the 1:30 mark, they finally penetrate the device's screen and hit the batteries, which explode in spectacular fashion.

Yes, it's a waste of a perfectly good tablet, but there's no law against ravaging your legally-obtained worldly possessions and sticking the results up on YouTube.


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