Want To Play Star Wars: The Old Republic For Free? Or Course You Do

So everyone who likes video games is currently playing Mass Effect 3, but you know Bioware has another game right? A game that is also set in space in a massive cross media universe with a massively intense fan base. I'm talking, of course, about Star Wars: The Old Republic, and if you feel like playing it this weekend, you could check it out for free.

Because BioWare is currently offering players a free weekend pass. If you head here on Thursday, March 15, at 12.01am CT (4pm AEDT), you can get started. There's no way to pre-prepare yourself for the pass, you can't sign up now, but if you go to that specified address when the trial starts, you can enter the required details and download the trial.

Apparently some restrictions apply — for more details head here.

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