Vodafone Ditches Most Infinite Plans, Ups Call Charges

Did anyone ask for that? It seems so, as Vodafone's "simplified" its contract plans, and by "simplified", it really means they've dumped most of their unlimited plans and taken up call and text charges that are higher than their competitors. I'm not exactly sure how that's meant to entice customers. Fresh off the revelation that it's not exactly rushing into 4G deployment, Vodafone's made some significant changes to its contract plans, dropping most (but not all) of its Infinite plans in favour of pricing that starts with (for most plans) 98c/minute call costs with a 40c flagfall and 30c text messages. Given Vodafone's flaky call reception history, I'm struggling to see how these new plans are meant to be attractive. If you want the full rundown on what each of the plans will cost you, Gus at Lifehacker's run up a Planhacker spreadsheet that covers the changes. [Lifehacker]

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