Video Reveals Spots On Moon That Haven't Seen Sunlight For Billions Of Years

Hey. Stop. Relax. Grab a coffee. Or a glass of wine or a beer. Put your headphones on and play this video on full screen. Savour the magnificent desolation of the moon in exquisite detail. You will be glad you did.

Admire the topography details from the Orientale Basin — one of the moon's largest impact craters — and the Shackleton Crater, "where an artificial light reveals topography that hasn't seen sunlight in billions of years".

There's also Tycho Crater, with its "central peak and close-up shot of the central boulder". And the landing site for Apollo 17, the last manned mission to the moon: the Taurus Littrow valley. And Mare Serenitatis to, and the Compton-Belkovich region and the Jackson Crater and the Tsiolkovsky Crater.

Sorry, James Cameron, but this stark and beautiful place still trumps the deepest point on Earth. [Thanks Kurt!]

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