UTS Unveils Simulated Medical Labs For Students, Complete With Robot Patients

Learn by doing is sound enough advice, but not very practical when your work involves sticking needles in people or rhythmically pushing down on someone's chest. The University of Technology Sydney, recognising the need for a simulated environment to carry out these activities safely, has just opened a new $4.8m facility to help train its nursing students.

According to UTS, it's a cutting-edge "clinical laboratory" that can service 900 students each year. Jointly funded by the federal government and UTS ($2.4m from the former, $2.6m from the latter), it features nine simulated settings, complete with a number of grotesque-looking SimMans from medical manufacturer Laerdal in Norway.

According to iTNews, 50 robotic patients are available for use and students' activities can be recorded and played back, allowing a greater degree of assessment. Control rooms with one-way glass allow for more direct viewing, if required.

Robots always seem to get the shaft (or in this case, the needle) when us humans need things to test on. Mice aren't exactly treated well either, but it's not like people are falling over themselves to be guinea pigs...

[UTS via iTNews]

Image: Terry Clinton / UTS.

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