Unerringly Realistic Pencil Sketches, $7500 Each

These aren't black and white photos. They're stupefyingly "hyper-realistic" drawings done by 47-year old Scottish artist Paul Cadden. Painstakingly created by hand with unbelievable attention to detail, Cadden manages about seven such pictures a year... which is seven more than the average person.

The images are recreated from photos, according to the Daily Mail, and can take up to six weeks to complete. Art aficionados have happily parted with £5000 ($7477) to own one.

By all reports, the small-scale images you see here don't do the real pictures justice — I imagine seeing the individual strokes up close would give you a new appreciation of the effort Cadden goes to.

His latest works were displayed at the Plus One Gallery in London, as part of its "Hyperrealism Now!" exhibition. Unfortunately, it's wrapping up today, going by the gallery's website (link contains a potentially NSFW image).

It'd be interesting to know how many pencils this guy goes through per picture. Probably enough to build a small universe.

[Daily Mail]

Images: Paul Cadden / Solent News.

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