Tourists Follow Car GPS Into A Body Of Water

We've seen GPS lead people into some ridiculous situations, but we never thought anyone would blindly follow GPS until their car was submerged in A BODY OF WATER. Three Japanese tourists proved us wrong!

According to the Brisbane Times, the unfortunate trio was forced to abandon their rental car in the drink yesterday morning off the coast of Australia. The trio wanted to take a nice day trip to North Stradbroke Island. Their faith in GPS proved to be a costly mistake.

The Tokyo students had wanted to take a day trip to Straddie and believed their GPS unit would be able to guide them there. The GPS forgot to mention the 15km of water and mud between the mainland and the island.

Yuzu Noda, 21, said she was listening to the GPS and "it told us we could drive down there. It kept saying it would navigate us to a road. We got stuck... there's lots of mud."

Yuzu and and her travel friends Tomonari Saeki, 22, and Keita Osada, 21, were all looking forward to a day trip to the island, but headed back to the Gold Coast courtesy of a lift from the RACQ tow truck driver who was called to the stranded car.

Remember, while GPS is a very useful tool, it's important to always trust your instincts when taking directions from the automated system. If you're heading to an island, but GPS points you straight into a body of water ant there's no bridge in sight, it might be a good idea to check your directions against an alternate source of information. [Brisbane Times]



    Oh because its logical to drive through a large body of water...
    I don't think the GPS is wrong here

    Errrmmm..... someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure most rental agreements forbid driving the vehicle on Straddie. Think these guys are in for some pain. Or maybe they could launch a lawsuit against the GPS manufacturer :-D

      Hi chrisp - Straddie has plenty of sealed roads and is fine for regular cars. Rental companies only forbid you drivng on the beach.
      On the other hand, Fraser and Moreton have no sealed roads and require a "real" 4WD if you plan to go there.

        Yeah, that's what it was. I'm a nitwit. And from Adelaide. But at least I managed to keep the rental car out of the water.

          Although driving a car into the water is pretty stupid, you do drive into the barge and drive off again when you get to the island, so I can picture their GPS system directing them into (over) the water from the ferry terminal.

    Why is this such a surprise, It's just a more dramatic manifestation of the blind trust we put in technology and its associated media, like TV, Radio, Internet etc etc

      by etc etc do you mean lightbulbs, forks, modern medicine, the wheel?

    Ha, hope the car is a write off, stupid people getting what they deserve.

    Nothing to complain about here, except... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahaha ahhh ahahahaha...

    This comment was deemed inappropriate and has been moderated.

    i'm the early days of commercial GPS one wanted my day to drive across port Phillip bay. IF we had a fancy boat/car hybrid it would have been the most efficient way to get to Sorento from geelong but unfortunately we had to take a small detour, through melbourne.

      It was probably telling you to take the ferry to Queenscliffe.

      At any rate Sorento to Geelong is one hell of a drive.

    " an alternate source of information" ...indeed. Like your eyes!

    I don't believe this at all. This has got to be a STUNT! No one, No one can be this Stupid. I don't care who they are or from where. Must be from some new Reality show for the Brain Dead!

    If you actually read it, you can see it was probably a case where they drove down on the mud, thinking it would lead them back to a road. Then, by the time of the photo, the tide came in.

    They say they got stuck. I.e., mud. You don't get 'stuck' in water.

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