Torrent Users Upset Over Changing File Types

Torrent Users Upset Over Changing File Types

Sadly, even though digital pirates are anarchic on one level, they do still need rules and, in fact, the overlords of torrent sites often meet to establish quality standards. Sadly, their latest decisions have the torrent community up in arms.

A number of groups — such as LOL and MOMENTUM — responsible* for releasing pirated TV shows have recently released a document called “The SD x264 TV Releasing Standards 2012“. The document outlines how they’re moving from the Xvid file standard to x264, an open-source encoder for H.264 that’s often used for HD releases. They even explain why: because it’s better.

That, however, is no reason to appreciate change. Huge swathes of the torrent-munching community that gobbles up TV shows as soon as they make it online are having high school hissy fits over the change. The new format, you see, isn’t compatible with many DVD players and other devices. As a representative sample of the vitriol, one user wrote:

“I’ll be moving on to better sites… YOU CAN TRY RAMMING IT DOWN SOMEONE ELSES THROAT.”

Good use of caps. As ever, my reaction is fairly unsympathetic. It’s a bit like a crook moaning about how the store he’s stealing from only has Blu-Ray players and not the TV he wanted. Deal with it.

* I’m not sure “responsible” is the right word to use here, but it made me laugh when I typed it, so I decided to leave it in.

[Torrent Freak; Image: Shutterstock/John David Bigi III]