Toaster With Motorised Lift Is An Innovation No One Asked For

Every once in a while a product comes along that truly enrages the Gizmodo staff over how pointless and stupid it is. So congratulations Cuisinart, today your two-slice toaster with a motorised lift really angered up the blood here.

Sam: F**k that thing, pardon my French. That seems LESS efficient than a spring. Jesus: That thing is awful and dumb and awful. Casey: I feel sympathy for this toaster now.

Is it worth tearing your hair out just because this toaster automatically raises and lowers the bread with a simple button press? Probably not. But $US100 for a toaster that's overly complicated and even more inclined to break is just ridiculous and unnecessary no matter how you feel about it. [Cuisinart via 7Gadgets]

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