This Mechanical Masterpiece Of A Watch Tells Time Without Hands

The "keep it simple" mantra doesn't seem to apply to watchmakers. The more complex they can make a watch's movements and mechanics, the more impressive their creations seem. And Harry Wintson's new Opus 12 is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Instead of hands pointing at numbers on the Opus 12's face, the watch uses a series of spinning markers to indicate the current time. The markers -- 12 in total -- are positioned at the five-minute marks in long and short pairs that distinguish between the hour and minutes. And each one flips to reveal a metallic blue finish which is how the wearer actually reads the time.

At the top of every hour all of the markers rotate in sequence like a well-choreographed performance, but it's really nothing more than eye candy for the select few lucky enough to own one. Since Harry Winston only plans to produce just 120 of the watches, with a price tag that I'm sure will match their exclusivity. [Harry Winston via Perpetuelle]



    The Opus 12 is my new favourite mechanical watch.

    I will never be able to afford one, of course. But I will admire the idea and engineering behind it forever :-)

    I think the clever engineering of mechanical watches appeals to the latent steam punk in all geeks.

    beautiful watch
    I know it's an animation, but it DOES remind me of a Tomb Raider map

    Excessively bulky and rather too busy on the face for my liking. And for the price I'd expect that to sell at, one might as well go buy an Audemars Piguet; it's almost certainly a better watch too.

    This just in, another watch created also created that doesn't use hands to tell the time.

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