This Man Makes $US1000 A Day On Pinterest

And you thought Pinterest was only useful for lonely pastry fantasy. This anonymous conman talked to the Daily Dot, and boy does he have an easy job: fooling Pinterest's lonely materialists into clicking Amazon spam links. For money.

It works like this. Pinterest spammer creates thousands of fake accounts, probably with regular breaks to stare into the mirror, bleary-eyed, and ask if this is really happening. Then he proceeds. Thousands more accounts. He won't reveal his method, but let's assume, for our sanity and his, that it's automated. Then his spam accounts "re-pin" the same goddamn picture of boots or Christmas ornaments or sequined sock puppets, ad infinitum, rocketing each image to the top of the site's popularity charts. When you click the thing, you're delivered to this guy's Amazon account.

The terrifying part? People then proceed to buy the things they've clicked on. Enough to generate thousands:

As the days came my earnings increased and increased and increased. First week of doing this I made around $US2,000 which was Feb. 20-29. I stepped my game up and changed the way I was doing some things, and I saw a dramatic increase in my earnings. Went up to $US500-$US800 a day. Kept at it and for the past two weeks I have made over $US1,000 a day with the highest earnings being around $US1,900.

I fully expect next week's earnings to be $US2,000-2,500 a day. There are no guarantees in this business and it could all come crashing down soon. Not a matter of if, but when will it happen.

Think about what you did at work today, or think about the fact that you're unemployed, and then think about this, and then punch something. [Daily Dot]



    Just think about how many more accounts he could create is he had NBN access!

    I love humanity. See a niche, occupy it. See an opportunity, take it.
    This is totally awesome.
    Pity morality takes a back seat.

      The wealthiest people have the least morals. Earning a lot of money is easier when you con people, cheat and game the system, which is universal at the upper levels.
      Psychopath behaviour. This is a fact. If they weren't after money there's a good chance they'd be killing people.

      Pity my mentality didn't take a front seat to allow my morality to take a back seat and think of this idea first!!

    This is the only way I see pintrest as having a point. Internet money.

    @Rollz - The people are buying things of their own fruition, how do you take this to be an issue of morality? I must have missed the part where he is stealing or selling slaves, or where people are FORCED to buy things. This is all about being successfully entrepreneurial. He doesn't make money until they buy something. If they weren't interested in those things, they wouldn't click through, and certainly wouldn't make purchases. Go read some Ayn Rand before spouting off about money and morality . Mutual financial agreements (including buying and selling things) are the only remaining forms of morality left, everything else is manipulation and lies.

      You're serious? How very depressing and sad that some people feel this way.

        hahahahahaha Ayn Rand. hahahahahahahaaaaa

      Agreed. The man is making a commission on a sale. Simple as that.

      Indeed, I mean pretty much all he's doing is advertising and getting paid for it. Sure he's manipulating Pinterest a bit to do it but it's not like he's fooling anyone into giving up their money.

    How is this any different to how people pay for their links to be put at the top of Google searches?

    I'm going to do it.

    He's working a lot harder for his money than your average e-merchant. Is it a cheat or exploit of the system? Meh, probably. But no one's actually being conned out of a product here. They're still going "duh, I saw this thing, I'm going to buy it". The only people upset by a scheme like this are the ones who didn't think of it first, or can't be bothered pulling it off themselves, or are annoyed that they won't have time to have a go at it before the site wises up.

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