This Is What 3 Years Of One Person's GPS Data Looks Like

There are plenty of cool GPS data projects in existence, but this is one of the most beautiful I've seen: three whole years of location data, taken from an iPhone.

To make it, Aaron Parecki collected the location from his iPhone every few seconds for over three years. Then he turned his data into a map — it's Portland, if you're trying to work it out. He explains:

"Approximately one GPS point was recorded every 2-6 seconds when I was moving, and these images represent about 2.5 million total GPS points. Collectively, they represent a data portrait of my life: everywhere I've been and the places I've been most frequently. The map is coloured by year, so you can see how my footprint changes over the years, depending on where I live."

The result may be nothing new, but it sure is pretty. It's also well worth clicking on the image above to see the full, high-res version. [Aaron Parecki]


    The person checking this out the most would be his missus...

    Is this guy a courier or something? There would be no reason to walk up every one of those small cross streets with a normal job/life. I think he has just walked them so the map looks better

      yeah in three years, think about all the roads you would take and places youd go. Its logical in the end.

      If you over laid this onto a real map you would probably find there are heaps of streets he didn't go down.

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