This Flexible E-Ink Display Will Be In Real Devices This Summer

The future of digital reading is flexible. And by flexible, I mean bendable, not multipurpose. Now, LG has announced the first malleable, plastic e-ink display, and while it's hardly Retina, it will be appearing in devices as early as this summer.

The six-inch display is made of plastic, which allows it to bend at an angle of up to 40 degrees. It's also thinner -- at just 0.7 millimeters -- and lighter than its glass counterparts, weighing in at 14 grams.

The craziest part is that the display is already being shipped to factories in China, and LG hopes to have products on the market by "the beginning of next month." That sounds ambitious, but you definitely expect to see the display in devices by the summer. [Engadget]


    Not entirely sure why, but I LOVE it!

    now to make it crazy cheap to produce and disposable

    the new age of the news 'paper' f its cheap to make publish news online / digitally and then toss this out once you are done.

      Recycle it, please!?! The cool thing about this kind of technology is that the guts of the device could be housed in a "grip", say a flattened cylinder like an oversized Bic lighter, with the screen coming out of the bottom or one side or something. 40 degrees doesn't give you much flexibility but you have to think that eventually you'll just be able to roll it up around the grip. And if was just going to be an eReader, without the need for a speaker or lots of storage, the guts could be tiny. i.e. Up 'til now, devices like Kindle have been defined by their screen, so putting lots of krap into them hasn't cost anything, in terms of space. But with screens like this, suddenly there is the possibility of tiny form-factors, so I reckon we'll start to see some highly specialised devices using screens like this. And imagine if you could just plug and unplug different size screens to suit what you want to do? A 5" screen for reading on a crowded commuter train and a nice, big 10" jobbie for reading eMags at home.

    Buy a newspaper size version, with a subscription to your favorite newspaper, it gets updated everyday and you dont have to leave the house/worry about recycling the newspaper!

      That, or just go to the news agent, dock your newspaper have the data transfered to the gentlemans device two posts up and flip the newsagent 50c and on your way.

    You know, this is exactly where tech companies need to go - places where Apple cannot easily follow. It makes a lot more sense than simply trying to build a better iPad, which they are never going to be able to do.

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