These Jeans Are Made With Denim So Heavy They Can Stand On Their Own

Our favourite jeans company, Naked and Famous, has made a pair of jeans out of the heaviest denim in the world. Two to three times the weight of your average high quality denim, these Naked and Famous jeans are made from 907g selvedge denim and are so heavy and rigid, the jeans can stand on their own.

These pair of jeans aren't for the faint of heart (or daint of waist), those with bony hips can fully expect to get marked and bruised up just by wearing them. The whole process to make the 907g jeans took Naked and Famous two years — with a whole lot of mallet hammering, bashing and expert sewing to put this "Mt Everest of jeans" together (some parts of the jeans are almost an inch thick).

Who would think to create such a thing? They're the heaviest jeans in the world! You might not notice the heaviness of the denim when you first look at the 907g jeans, but when stacked and folded against regular jeans (311g) the difference really is jarring. That's nine pairs of regular jeans versus just three 907g denim. And the 907g denim is still bigger! A rather impressive bulge, if I say so myself.

And if you didn't believe the jeans could stand on its own, peep the picture here of a guy wearing a pair and air and gravity wearing the other. You could just buy the 907g jeans to showcase as an art piece. Naked and Famous only made 138 pairs so the price veers toward ridiculous (~$US800) but who else can say they got jeans that wear themselves? Only 137 other people. [Naked and Famous]

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