There's No Better Place For Your DVDs Than A Shelf Made From 35mm Film

Taking the re-use over recycle approach, a couple of craftsman from Buenos Aires are turning wood and discarded film stock into these Filmantes hanging shelves that look like a must-have accessory for movie nuts or home theatre enthusiasts.

Lucas Desimone and Matias Resich, the artisans behind the $US85 shelf, had hoped to use reclaimed lumber as well. But since the film — which you unfortunately don't get to choose — needs to be in perfect tension at all times to properly support the weight of books, or DVDs, they had to go with a specific type of wood that wouldn't bend or warp over time, which could add instabilities. This shelf, however, is the first of many they have planned, and I for one can't wait for the sequel. [VU35 via Treehugger]

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